My Easter picks

Since the Teasury slot is always full, I'm doing a little sellection of my easter favorites here:

BuncakeBakery's Candy Bunnies
These cute (kawaii!) little bunnies come in
a variety of colours and flavors.

BlissForest's Easter bunnies
Ultra soft fleece bunnies, ideal for children! They come in many
colors and patterns, and there's even a ninja one!

AshleyBug's Easter cards
These really cool vintage looking cards come in a set of four,

ideal for an easter gift or anytime

LittleAshop's Bundle Bunny Daisy
Perfect gift for a baby, looks so soft
and each bunny is one of a kind

Chetanddot's Gentle Bunny
Sweet little wool rabbit, hand sewn.

TheThumbCinema's Easter Flipbook
A little of self-promotion here ;) These flipbooks shows a lively
animation of the easter bunny jumping around

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aquariann said...

Awww, what adorable Etsy Easter picks!!

*points like Behemoth from Nightmare Before Christmas* BUNNY!!