Animation Backgrounds

Some backgrounds that I made in Photoshop for a short film I'm working on

Cat city Illustrations

This is a 3 illustration series I had to make as a final homework at an illustration workshop. The theme was "My invented country" and I decided to make a country of cats >_> I'm so original -__-;

They where all sketched in pencil and painted in Photoshop. It looks dirty and not perfect because that's what I tried to achive >_> I would had make them traditioanlly if I had the time, but no ;_;

“Only in the most exclusive restaurants we can find the unique option of having a bird served alive, in which the necesity of hunting for fresh food remains completely obsolete*”

*The restaurant isn’t responsible if your order escapes before arriving to your dish. 

“…and when August arrives, we can see the endless parties that take place on the roofs of the entire city. The music, lights and the euphoric meowing, invade the tranquility of the night."

“…and when August arrives, we can see the endless parties that take place on the roofs of the entire city. The music, lights and the euphoric meowing, invade the tranquility of the night.”

Some recent Works

I haven't been very active on freelance illustration jobs, but I'm starting to re take it again, so here are some of the latest works I've done
Pro-Vegan ads I made as part of the backgrounds in an
animated short I'm making.

Logo for the animated short film "Rabbit Stew" I'm making 

Logo variations of "Sprout Consignment" Shop

Logo for a feral cat rescue asociation

Vector experiment


Experimenting with a new style here. Sometimes clients want more modern and clean stuff and I never really tried to get used to this type of work, but I like it now, it's kinda fun :P I like how it looks like it's made of rubber xD

Practice sketches

There's nothing that drives me more to make quick sketches than going to and select cool colour palletes to play with. I choosed 4 different combinations and made 4 quick sketches (around 10 min each) to experiment, I hope to make of this a daily habit, but who knows >_>

Little Red Ridding Hood illustration

"Where are you going little red ridding hood? To my granny's house :3"

Yeah...something like that, haha. Traditional illustration I made today, it was made with watercolors, acrilics, ink, and colored pencils. Definatly trying to experiment on this one, but I still can get to a style I feel completly comfortable with.

More Alchemy requests

It's been a while and been a bit busy working on animation, university and also Etsy commisions, so here's some of the work I've done in the past month.  In case you're wondering, the last drawing was an illustrated life path of a couple, incluiding those paths they fortunatly didn't take, it was weird but fun xD, the rest are cartoon portraits, logo illustrations etc. I'm starting to like very much to design cartoon or whimsy wedding invitations and I wish I get more freelance work related to that :)

Valentine's Day? Nah, not for me

Bleh, I don't celebrate Valentine's day really, I wish it was some excuse to get some chocolate but my boyfriend isn't vunerable to all that commercial stuff. Anyway, why celebrate Valentine's when the 12th is our month-aniversary? It will be 4 years and 3 months together, so I made this card for him xD

Also I will give him his late birthday gift (it was over a month ago...), it's the graphic novel Blankets by Craig Thompson, I tough it would be a perfect gift since it's a book that was kinda special for us :) the first page I'm going to paste this drawing:

Just a cheap imitation I made of the style of the comic book, featuring us :)

Etsy Alchemy

Oh yeah, I've been dead lately. The thing is I was all december working on my final animation examn and with that I finished my first year studying animation :) So I've been on vacations since then and until February.

Meanwhile I've been wandering a lot in the Etsy alchemy, making custom ilustrations, logos, designs etc, so here are some I've made.

So there's a bit of everything here, from drawings for logos like the owl and the cute hammer, character design like the ballerina girl, logo like the llama one (tough that was only a sketch), drawings for birthday invitations and decorations like the robots and custom cartoon portraits like the families and couples :) The last two are an invitation for a wedding rehearsal dinner and the other is a logo for an animal center I think.

I'm usually available for custom orders, so just ask for prices if you're interested :)