Little Red Ridding Hood illustration

"Where are you going little red ridding hood? To my granny's house :3"

Yeah...something like that, haha. Traditional illustration I made today, it was made with watercolors, acrilics, ink, and colored pencils. Definatly trying to experiment on this one, but I still can get to a style I feel completly comfortable with.

More Alchemy requests

It's been a while and been a bit busy working on animation, university and also Etsy commisions, so here's some of the work I've done in the past month.  In case you're wondering, the last drawing was an illustrated life path of a couple, incluiding those paths they fortunatly didn't take, it was weird but fun xD, the rest are cartoon portraits, logo illustrations etc. I'm starting to like very much to design cartoon or whimsy wedding invitations and I wish I get more freelance work related to that :)