Black Friday/Cyber Monday Etsy Sale!



This means:
- FREE worldwide shipping on all flipbooks! (original rate $3)
- All flipbooks will be at only $10 (normal price $12)
- If you buy any print, you'll get a FREE 4x6 print of your choice!

(I will change the prices and shipping cost those same days)

Don't lose this cool oportunity to get a very cool and unique gift for your geek, artistis, animation/comics/anime lovers friends, boyfriends, girlfriends or relatives!

New Flipbooks!!


Finally! I have 2 new designs in at my Etsy Shop The Thumb Cinema! They between cute and black humour, hopefully for a wider audience ;) I present to you:

New The Thumb Cinema Flipbooks - Sushi Time and Bad Luck Rabbit from Fernanda Frick on Vimeo.

Sushi Time! Flipbook

They both now available at my shop for only $12. They're the perfect stocking stuffers for christmas and probably a good idea for your geek husband, bf, sons or relatives :)

Etsy Comic Nº1: "The First sale"

This is a silly little comic I just made. I think I'll start narrating some experiences from Etsy I've had so far. I really suck at making comics but I hadn't made one in years and tough it would be fun xD I plan on making one a week, if you have any ideas or stories to share please tell me :)

Click twice to view it better at fullsize :)!

Short Animation


This is an animated intro for the Guth Gafa Documentary film festival, held in Ireland this year. The backgrounds were made in photoshop, the animation in TVPaint animation and the music is by Reto Stamm.

It was one of the most fun and challenging jobs I did, it was cool since they told me "We want YOUR characters! We like what you do!" So basically I just had to be myself, a thing that rarely happens in animation :) It was a small job but still, I'm pretty proud of it 

Freddie Mercury Illustration: Process

Well, my last illustration was a kind of a challenge, I always draw cute stuff and now I wanted to make something that isn't for once. So I tough on starting a rockstar illustration series! I'm a big classic rock fan and tough of doing a tribute for all that, I started with Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury. It was quite difficult, but I'm happy with what I achieved, here's some of the process:

Lol, this was the first sketch, I tough it was ok, but now that I see it...he's too short!
But I had a clear idea for the pose and composition.

This was the clean lineart of the final drawing, I didn't quite like it,
though something was wrong when I colored it.

I finally added color and decided to color the edges,
it looked awfull in the plain black lineart :)

And Finally I made different color themes,
you can choose whichever you want when ordering

4 Year Aniversary and Totoro

I couldn't help to blog about this. On thrursday 12th it was our 4 year aniversary with my boyfriend :) It's funny because we both did Totoro themed gifts for each other xDD He made this amazing illustration, I loved eveything about it, it doesn't even notice that he's colorblind ;) It's the two of us flying with Totoro

And this was my gift for him, a pop up card of the two of us, sadly I couldn't take any photos, but it kinda worked fine for being my first paper craft (and I'm horrible at crafting I must say)

The Thumb Cinema Characters : The story of Tanuki-San

Maybe you people have seen my Judo racoon illustration on my Etsy shop, but who is this character? What's his story?

Well, Tanuki-san was born for a College examn, where we were supposed to representate a sport through a short animation. At the very first moment I choosed Judo, because I love martial arts, and really the only interesting sports for me. So we had to do a lot of investigation of the sport to make the short film, along that I decided that my film should had a japanese traditional style. But who or what should be the main character? I really don't like animating humans very much, so I needed an animal. I choosed a racoon because it's a traditional japanese animal and it's the main character of many japanese folk tales, incluiding for they mischievous acts like robbing food.
I also think that one of the stereotypes of japan was the typicall Godzilla-like monster that terrorized the town, and I HAD to add something like that xD that's why Tanuki-san is a Giant Judo Racoon hahaha.

Here's the character Sheet for Tanuki-san, it explains several things about his personality :) Click to see it:

And the result of all this was this short, it's subbed in spanish but maybe you could understand it anyway. A giant judo raccon terrorizes a small japanese traditional town. He easts and drinks everything that crosses his way, and it's having a great time. The town people are very scared and call the town's protectors, who are a Sumo wrestler, a Karate-kid and a Samurai. With the power of Judo, tanuki-san defeats them all very easily until a small Judoka like himself challeges him. In the end, size or power didn't matter, because the little judoka knew how to use his opponent force in his favor. Tanuki-san leaves town defeated, but not wothout robbing the last montain of food he could!

Etsy Shop: Zaraillustrates


Zara Picken is a talented English illustrator that sells prints of her wonderfull artwork at her Etsy Shop. I really loved all her minimalistic animal illustrations, that have a very special choice of colour and textures. Here are some of her items that you can find at her shop:

Cat Print:
"Original illustration of a cute and colourful cat,
perfect for cheering up any wall"

Nes Controller Print:
"Original illustration of a video game control,
spelling the words "game on""

Pipe Man Print:
"Original illustration of a thoughtful-looking pipe smoker,
perfect for adding a touch of old time sophistication any wall"

Polar Bear Print:
"Original illustration of a cute and colourful bear,
perfect for cheering up any wall."

You can see more of Zara Picken's work on her website, which can be found at, or her blog at

Etsy Forum Picks 1

Since the blog it's re-opening I decided to accept submissions from fellow Etsy artists to feature here :) I will be doing this periodically, just ask if you think your style and items suit the blog and want to be featured. Here are some items I liked on my first submission request:

The Stapelia Company's art:
This beautifull vampire original Sketchboard artwork was made through a very time consuming and meticulous process utilizing etching tools to scrape away an india ink surface coating to reveal the white board underneath.

Stacey Alberta's Eclectic studio:

She's just opened her Etsy shop recently
and sells her original abstract art.

Studiomme's Illustration Prints:
Who's afraid of a wolf? Beautifull and high quality print of
and original Red Riding Hood illustration.

Choumie7's beautifull pocket mirrors:
These are little pocket mirrors with exclusive illustrations
by Choumie. Very beautifull and practical!

LaughingFridge's Magnets:
Fat Cat's magnets! A really cute adition for
anyone's fridge. She has quite a lot of
variety of cats incluiding vampires and pirates.

The Thumb Cinema is Back!

Hello everyone! I've just opened my Etsy shop again after months of inactivity. I have a new category now: Illustration prints! I decided to start making these because apart from being an animator I also wish to be a children illustrator someday so I tough to start now :) Also flipbooks take a lot of time to make (the animations) so I tough this way I can update often. Here are some of the new illustration line, some are available as 4x6, 5x7 and 6x8.
Tanuki-San, the Judo Racoon:
He's the giant Judo raccon that terrorizes a small japanese town.
Loves food, sake, and Judo. He only wants to have fun :)

Little King of the Jungle:
This little lion walks around the jungle very proudly like
he own all the place, maybe one day he will.
Stylish Little girl:
Very elegant walking around town with her new
French-like style outfit

Fats cats:
This is what happen when you overfeed your cats,
they still love you though! In fact they're happier than ever!
Under the leaves:
This little girl found herself surrounded by tall
and strange trees, it's probably a dream.
Little Cow and Milk:
She's very proud she's making the
best and most delicious milk around!

"La Maison en Petits Cubes" Kunio Kato's Oscar Winning Short

I want to share with all of you the short animated film that won the oscars in the animation category this year, in case that you missed it. It's one of the most beautiful shorts I've ever seen, and thats the sort of esthetic that I want to achieve someday. I love knowing that traditional looking animations aren't dead yet.

Also here's one of Kunio Kato's other works, a short series called "The diary of Tortov Riddle", it's worth watching, since it has a very unique style and feel.

My Easter picks

Since the Teasury slot is always full, I'm doing a little sellection of my easter favorites here:

BuncakeBakery's Candy Bunnies
These cute (kawaii!) little bunnies come in
a variety of colours and flavors.

BlissForest's Easter bunnies
Ultra soft fleece bunnies, ideal for children! They come in many
colors and patterns, and there's even a ninja one!

AshleyBug's Easter cards
These really cool vintage looking cards come in a set of four,

ideal for an easter gift or anytime

LittleAshop's Bundle Bunny Daisy
Perfect gift for a baby, looks so soft
and each bunny is one of a kind

Chetanddot's Gentle Bunny
Sweet little wool rabbit, hand sewn.

TheThumbCinema's Easter Flipbook
A little of self-promotion here ;) These flipbooks shows a lively
animation of the easter bunny jumping around

Patapon in a bottle

Patapon is an awesome and original game for the PSP, also it's my favorite. So I was searching some stuff related to it on Etsy and I came across with this:

How awesome is that? A handmade miniature of a Patapon in a bottle, I'm sure that anyone, even not familiarized with the game would love to have it in their collection ;) It's creator Zelas also has buttons and anime related stuff.

And if you're curious, here's a video of the actual game:

LittleCritter's unique handmade dolls

I don't remeber how I ended up in LittleCritter's shop but I was instantly amazed by how bizarre and cool her dolls look. Every single one of the critters have their own original and funny name along with a story! It's easy to see that they were made with much love and care, since they're hand sewn and made with unique and odd fabrics speccially chosen by the creator.

If you want to be updated on her creative process, visit her blog at:

Welcome to The Thumb Cinema!


Hello, I'm Fernanda Frick! I'm an animation student from Santiago, Chile and I'm also a Etsy seller. I opened just some months ago under the name of "The Thumb Cinema" which has the mission of bringing the wonderfull world of animation to your hands through flipbooks.

Here's what you can expect from me and my blog:

  • Features of some of the fantastic items that I find around Etsy, probably along the lines of Illustration, Art, plushies, sculptures and geek stuff, but of course if something catches my eye it will be featured anyway :)

  • Sharing tips on marketing and social networking (twitter, facebook, blogs etc)

  • Also, since animation is my passion, I may post ocassionally cool animated videos from the web, which yu will probably enjoy even if you're not familiarized with it.

  • And of course, I'll post progress of my own works but I'll try not to bore you enough with it ;)

At first you'll see features of my current favs, but if you want to suggest something you can reach me by comments or email.