Etsy Shop: Zaraillustrates


Zara Picken is a talented English illustrator that sells prints of her wonderfull artwork at her Etsy Shop. I really loved all her minimalistic animal illustrations, that have a very special choice of colour and textures. Here are some of her items that you can find at her shop:

Cat Print:
"Original illustration of a cute and colourful cat,
perfect for cheering up any wall"

Nes Controller Print:
"Original illustration of a video game control,
spelling the words "game on""

Pipe Man Print:
"Original illustration of a thoughtful-looking pipe smoker,
perfect for adding a touch of old time sophistication any wall"

Polar Bear Print:
"Original illustration of a cute and colourful bear,
perfect for cheering up any wall."

You can see more of Zara Picken's work on her website, which can be found at, or her blog at

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Fernandafrick said...
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Alvaris Falcon said...

I love the design, very nice! It makes me feel very smooth and warm. :)