Etsy Forum Picks 1

Since the blog it's re-opening I decided to accept submissions from fellow Etsy artists to feature here :) I will be doing this periodically, just ask if you think your style and items suit the blog and want to be featured. Here are some items I liked on my first submission request:

The Stapelia Company's art:
This beautifull vampire original Sketchboard artwork was made through a very time consuming and meticulous process utilizing etching tools to scrape away an india ink surface coating to reveal the white board underneath.

Stacey Alberta's Eclectic studio:

She's just opened her Etsy shop recently
and sells her original abstract art.

Studiomme's Illustration Prints:
Who's afraid of a wolf? Beautifull and high quality print of
and original Red Riding Hood illustration.

Choumie7's beautifull pocket mirrors:
These are little pocket mirrors with exclusive illustrations
by Choumie. Very beautifull and practical!

LaughingFridge's Magnets:
Fat Cat's magnets! A really cute adition for
anyone's fridge. She has quite a lot of
variety of cats incluiding vampires and pirates.

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laughingfridge said...

Great blog feature and I'm so pleased to be include with such fabulous artists! thank you!