The Thumb Cinema is Back!

Hello everyone! I've just opened my Etsy shop again after months of inactivity. I have a new category now: Illustration prints! I decided to start making these because apart from being an animator I also wish to be a children illustrator someday so I tough to start now :) Also flipbooks take a lot of time to make (the animations) so I tough this way I can update often. Here are some of the new illustration line, some are available as 4x6, 5x7 and 6x8.
Tanuki-San, the Judo Racoon:
He's the giant Judo raccon that terrorizes a small japanese town.
Loves food, sake, and Judo. He only wants to have fun :)

Little King of the Jungle:
This little lion walks around the jungle very proudly like
he own all the place, maybe one day he will.
Stylish Little girl:
Very elegant walking around town with her new
French-like style outfit

Fats cats:
This is what happen when you overfeed your cats,
they still love you though! In fact they're happier than ever!
Under the leaves:
This little girl found herself surrounded by tall
and strange trees, it's probably a dream.
Little Cow and Milk:
She's very proud she's making the
best and most delicious milk around!

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