Freddie Mercury Illustration: Process

Well, my last illustration was a kind of a challenge, I always draw cute stuff and now I wanted to make something that isn't for once. So I tough on starting a rockstar illustration series! I'm a big classic rock fan and tough of doing a tribute for all that, I started with Queen's frontman Freddie Mercury. It was quite difficult, but I'm happy with what I achieved, here's some of the process:

Lol, this was the first sketch, I tough it was ok, but now that I see it...he's too short!
But I had a clear idea for the pose and composition.

This was the clean lineart of the final drawing, I didn't quite like it,
though something was wrong when I colored it.

I finally added color and decided to color the edges,
it looked awfull in the plain black lineart :)

And Finally I made different color themes,
you can choose whichever you want when ordering

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Fern said...

WOW!!!! Excellent sketch! My husband would appreciate this! He loves Freddie Mercury. I'm going to see if this is up in you Etsy shop for me to "heart" it. I love your little lion, btw. SO cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog - your blog is lovely as well :)

Anonymous said...

I have a friend with a Queen tattoo and she'd love this.

Dotty Jane said...

I love Freddie Mercury! This is great:)

esque said...

Very cool! I love Freddy; you did an excellent job on him!


AngelEden said...

What a great illustration!

T @ Poppy Place said...

Love your work! T.

Sckraps said...

Great stuff here and in your shop! Thanks for the encouraging words on the blog. :)

I really dig those flip books, I'll have to snag one for a friend when they come back from school this spring!

Fernanda Frick said...

Thanks all for all your comments :) They're very appreciated